Article 4.1 – Sailing with the Global Trend: AutoWebPay Assists Entertainment Enterprises in Setting Sail Overseas


Sailing with the Global Trend: AutoWebPay Assists Entertainment Enterprises in Setting Sail Overseas

Technology is the foundation, akin to the body of a bird, while service is its wings. AutoWebPay integrates technology and service seamlessly, providing tailored solutions to meet the needs of enterprises. By offering scenario-based solutions, it effectively supports the prosperous development of entertainment companies in the global market.

01 The Wave of Entertainment Going Global: AutoWebPay Assists Enterprises to Ride the Tide

The trend of globalizing entertainment has become increasingly popular, with numerous companies eager to venture into this realm. The reasons are manifold. On one hand, pioneers in global entertainment have already made their mark, such as TikTok, a global short video social media platform with over 1 billion monthly active users, Bigo Live, which excels in the live social streaming space and is beloved by audiences in the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and Playhouse, a social app based in North America, particularly popular among the youth. These success stories validate the potential for global expansion in entertainment.

Simultaneously, the overseas entertainment market has shown significant growth potential in recent years. According to predictions by Frost & Sullivan, by 2024, the global social media market is expected to reach $300 billion, with the audiovisual social community market estimated at $181.3 billion. This immense potential has captured the attention of numerous domestic entertainment enterprises.

On the other hand, compared to the vigorous development of overseas entertainment markets, various segments of the domestic entertainment market have matured. Not only has the overall market size approached its ceiling, but competition among peers has also intensified, entering a fierce stage. Coupled with the rising cost of human resources, the possibility of enterprises breaking through and dominating the market has decreased. Thus, the consensus among many entertainment enterprises is that “if you don’t go global, you’ll be left behind.” For Chinese internet companies, going global has become inevitable.

Public data indicates that currently, over 80% of players are either already involved in global business or are in the process of exploring international opportunities. Among them, some are pioneers in global entertainment, possessing the experience to explore and cultivate prospects in untapped markets. Others are newcomers to global entertainment, driven by passion and eager to ride the wave of this trend. Then there are those who are “ToB service providers” in the global entertainment sector, contributing significantly to its prosperity.

AutoWebPay has been cultivating in this familiar field for over 7 years, providing technical solutions and valuable advice to adventurous entertainment enterprises from the early stages. Through long-term valuable support, AutoWebPay has earned market recognition. Today, AutoWebPay is accompanying these enterprise partners, collectively pursuing opportunities in overseas markets.

02 Amidst the Beautiful Scenery Lie Dangerous Waves

As the saying goes: “When one is poor, he becomes innovative, and when one innovates, he finds solutions; once solutions are found, success follows.” Alongside the slowdown and plateauing of domestic internet growth, and the rapid development of overseas internet infrastructure, Chinese internet enterprises have realized that sticking to the domestic market ultimately leads to stagnation. Thus, many have begun to explore overseas markets, with a particular fervor for globalizing entertainment.

Public information indicates that in terms of international expansion, entertainment applications have shown outstanding performance in terms of download volume and user expenditure in recent years. For instance, in 2022, OTT (over-the-top) platforms ranked first globally in both download volume and user expenditure among app categories. Similarly, categories such as dating, short videos, video sharing, music and audio, and online live streaming also ranked among the top ten in global user expenditure. Particularly in the past two years, rapid iterations in digital technology have led to the emergence of new concepts like the metaverse and AIGC (Artificial Intelligence Generated Content), resulting in innovative gameplay and business models colliding with entertainment products.

For example, the game “Far Cry 6” has incorporated Choreograph’s AI tools to generate more natural animations using motion matching technology, enhancing the player experience and attractiveness of the product. This innovation has opened up more avenues for successful globalization in entertainment, creating greater possibilities for its development.

However, amidst the beautiful scenery, there are also dangerous waves. With the development of the overseas internet industry, the boundaries of entertainment scenes are becoming increasingly blurred, exhibiting a trend towards integration and complexity, transitioning from single-scene models to multi-scene business models. Consequently, we see the emergence of live broadcasting in one-on-one paid social scenes, with many customers who previously focused on chat room scenes now exploring one-on-one social models.

Moreover, as more and more entertainment enterprises and teams recognize the immense potential of the market and venture abroad, they face the challenge of diversifying their offerings and expanding their target audiences to cope with the intense competition resulting from the rapid development of the industry.

However, enriching business lines and expanding target audiences overseas is no easy task. Simply replicating domestic products abroad does not guarantee success. To find a breakthrough and avoid cultural mismatches, it’s crucial to understand the market characteristics, policy regulations, user preferences, payment habits, religious cultures, etc., of different regions. Take the Middle East, for example. Countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain, despite their large populations and strong purchasing power, have stringent offline social restrictions but strong online social demands due to religious and cultural factors. However, replicating domestic social product operating models in these regions is challenging due to these constraints.

Therefore, while the prospects of globalizing entertainment may seem promising, the challenges of localizing expansion are formidable. Without careful consideration, one may easily be overturned by the potential “waves.”

03 Technology as the Foundation, Service as the Wing: Unlocking the Global Market

“It’s easy to go abroad, but it’s difficult to succeed abroad.” This situation often arises due to technological constraints. The reasons being, when expanding into new regions and enriching product offerings, high research and development costs may hinder rapid deployment. Additionally, the complexity of overseas networks/equipment may impede seamless service provision. Moreover, language barriers and differing legal policies across countries can pose challenges in user communication and content safety compliance.

Faced with these challenges, many entertainment companies venturing into global markets may lack the necessary technological capabilities to address them. However, as Xunzi once said, “The wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water molds itself to the pitcher.” If one’s own capabilities are lacking, seeking external partners and leveraging their technological support can be a wise solution.

With the wave of globalization sweeping in, AutoWebPay, starting from a simple idea of connecting enterprises, has evolved into a systematic provider of products and solutions tailored to address various pain points for entertainment companies going global, growing into a premium provider of overseas payment services. Thus, when some entertainment companies venturing abroad find themselves in need of payment support, AutoWebPay, already outstanding in domestic entertainment technology services, becomes their preferred partner.

AutoWebPay has not disappointed the entertainment companies that have chosen to collaborate with them for their global expansion. In the face of differing legal policies across countries and the common scenes of 1-on-1 social interactions, chat rooms, and live broadcasting in entertainment socialization abroad, AutoWebPay ensures both safety and lower integration costs. Additionally, in addressing global language barriers hindering user communication and the challenge of high research and development costs impeding rapid deployment, AutoWebPay not only supports translation for 110 languages, resolving global user language barriers but also provides modular integration and source code access, facilitating rapid deployment, lowering development thresholds and costs, and improving product iteration agility to keep pace with market demand changes.

By seamlessly integrating service and technology, AutoWebPay constructs a solid pair of wings for entertainment enterprises, lifting their dreams of going global.

04 Turning Service into Wings to Support the Prosperity of Entertainment Globalization

Although technology is the core capability that AutoWebPay can offer, its identity as a “service provider” also prompts it to contemplate how to better assist partners in their development. With this in mind, AutoWebPay began to explore deeper into the realm of entertainment through exchanges and refinement with numerous entertainment partners, aiming to understand the industry better and explore new perspectives based on innovative gameplay, experiences, and operations.

Through this exploration, AutoWebPay realized that enhancing service capabilities, achieving a seamless integration of technology and service, and providing scenario-based solution-oriented services are the best ways to meet the needs of partners. Danny, the head of AutoWebPay, commented, “Technology forms the foundation, much like the body of a bird, providing the core power for flight. But for a bird to take flight, it needs wings, and service is those wings. Technology and service go hand in hand, combining to provide a complete solution that better meets the needs of customer enterprises, supporting the prosperity of entertainment globalization.”

Indeed, from entering the entertainment industry to accompanying Chinese enterprises in their global expansion, what is most admirable about AutoWebPay is its unwavering commitment. Despite the early challenges in the industry, AutoWebPay did not give up or passively watch the market’s development trends. Instead, it devoted itself wholeheartedly and worked tirelessly. Supported by the backing of JPMorgan Chase, AutoWebPay ensured the stability of its business model. However, more importantly, it remained committed to its original intention of becoming a solid support for Chinese developers venturing abroad, helping more Chinese enterprises and brands take root and thrive globally.

It is foreseeable that AutoWebPay will continue on this path. Thanks to this steadfast commitment, entertainment enterprises can feel more assured in choosing their partners for global expansion. After all, no enterprise would want to build its business on an unstable foundation.

AutoWebPay, soaring overseas alongside entertainment enterprises, sets sail for distant horizons!

Report from: CIIC

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Report from: CIIC

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