Article 3.1 – The development goals of cross-border payments


The development goals of cross-border payments

Diversification of Payment Methods: Official platform payments and third-party payments will complement each other, leading to more monetization models for overseas enterprises. With the support of third-party payments, more local e-wallets will be integrated, catering to people’s payment preferences.

Establishment of Fraud Identification System and Database: Based on business and market characteristics, establish regional risk identification systems, and then quantify the likelihood and potential impact of risk occurrence based on the database to reduce risk losses.

Building an Anti-Fraud Risk Control Management Model Based on AI: Utilizing AI technology, optimize the risk control management model, enabling the classification, tracking, and risk analysis of millions of data points in a short period, and autonomously identifying complex transactions through AI’s optimization capabilities.

Collaboration with Issuing Banks to Combat Fraudulent Activities: Issuing institutions possess longer and more comprehensive transaction records, making it easier to identify fraud patterns and suspicious behavior. The data from issuing institutions can also assist enterprises in optimizing risk rules and reducing fraud possibilities.

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology to Optimize Payment Success Rates: By comprehensively considering factors such as fees, timeliness, weight, and exchange rates, assist enterprises in automatically calculating and selecting the optimal route from multiple available routes to complete payment transactions. This enables efficient settlement and low-cost fine-tuned operations.

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